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In today’s challenging non-profit operating environment, an organization must continuously search for ways to deliver their product or services in the most efficient and effective way possible while generating a predictable revenue stream that will ensure long-term sustainability.
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The Strategic Edge 360 Difference

What are the critical steps needed to achieve organizational excellence?

The answer to this question all too frequently lies within the organization. Creative thinking and renewed enthusiasm results when a skilled and experienced coach systematically helps an organization to identify its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, to uncover missed opportunities, recognize possibilities, think creatively and to plan for success. Solutions to unexpected challenges ultimately come from within the organization. But if it were that simple then every enterprise could successfully confront those challenges (both large and small) head-on, quickly identifying the threats and opportunities and decisively implementing creative solutions. Unfortunately, corporate culture, diverse leadership and communications styles, as well as “history” make it difficult for many organizations to see the possibilities that lie from within. A coach/facilitator who is not emotionally invested in the organization, who is not constrained by corporate culture or history, who can ask the tough questions, and who is focused on results can help the organization rebuild a foundation for long-term success.

What differentiates Strategic Edge 360?

Consultants and strategic planning “experts” typically identify problems within an organization and create a list of broad strategies to address the most pressing issues.  In most cases, their role ends with the delivery of a written report containing findings and recommendations.  While the report may broadly identify what needs to be done, it does not provide specifics nor a plan of action detailing how to correct those deficiencies. The organization is essentially left to solve its own problems. Solving complex organizational issues is a daunting task for a non-profit volunteer Board of Directors and/or Executive Director already burdened by the demands of day-to-day operations. Strategic Edge 360 and its President, Steve Richards will partner with the organization working side-by-side to address the challenges that have been identified. Having “skin in the game” and holding itself accountable for the success of the plans it initiates is what differentiates Strategic Edge 360 from other consulting companies.

Strategic Edge 360’s Basic Approach

Key Steps

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