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In today’s challenging non-profit operating environment, an organization must continuously search for ways to deliver their product or services in the most efficient and effective way possible while generating a predictable revenue stream that will ensure long-term sustainability.
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A Proven Approach

A proven approach confirmed by 20 years of hands-on non-profit leadership and management experience

An Executive Director and/or Board of Directors are so engaged with day-to-day challenges and issues that the tendency is to focus on symptoms rather than root causes.Recognizing this natural tendency, Strategic Edge 360’s process begins with a comprehensive organizational effectiveness assessment.

This systematic and objective assessment is conducted by an individual with over 20 years of diverse non-profit experience who has faced most if not all of the challenges facing non-profits.  An individual who is not emotionally invested in the organization, who can uncover root causes, identify missed opportunities and who can identify the most critical needs.

Armed with an objective and comprehensive organizational assessment combined with the ongoing assistance of Steve Richards, the Executive Director and the Board of Directors can then focus on setting organizational goals which are then incorporated in an action plan to achieve specific objectives.

With an action plan that includes accountability, timelines and metrics, the probability of achieving organizational success is dramatically increased. Accountability, timelines and metrics are the critical elements overlooked by most strategic planning and goal setting processes.

Strategic Planning:U.S. Olympic Committee

Strategic Planning:
U.S. Olympic Committee

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